Brew Travels

If you've ever met my husband and I you know we LOVE beer. The reason we travel? You guessed it, BEER! Here's a collection of our favorite pubs and breweries from our worldwide 2019 pub crawl (Part 1).

Brew Travels

Torshavn, the Faroe Islands

Located right by the water and inside a cluster of old turf roof houses, Mikkeller Torshavn has out done themselves making this a cozy place to escape the cold and the fog. Big Worster has always been hard to find back home but not here! perfect beer to warm us up.

Sirkus bar was also a really cool environment with local beer and vegan friendly options if that’s your thing.

Prague, Czech Republic

Lokal is a local pub serving up tank beer where you can order your Pilsner Urquell with varying amounts of “wet foam.” It was amazing to taste an actual Pilsner Urquell straight from the Czech Republic because there is a mind blowing difference between that and what we get back here.

Prague was the most interesting beer destination because it’s so opposite of the craft beer rage we have going on in the states. For example they take a lager and make it UH-mazing by using a technique called double decoction mashing and the result is a lager with lots and lots of flavor. The only place we’ve found to come close to a Czech style lager is Oddwood Ales in Austin. We spent an entire day with Evan Rail the beer writer and learned so much about Czech beer, culture and history

Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin is on the South Island and considered their beer capital. With stunning views nearby and local breweries that are passionate about about craft beer made it a trip to remember. Arc Brewing held a special place in our hearts after our trip because of the environment they created and the passion the owner exudes when he explains his story and how he and his wife converted a historic hotel into a brewery.

Seguin, Texas

I had the pleasure of visiting often and doing photography work for BS Brewing whose owner Brian is easily one of the most creative brewmasters. He tells stories of how he has a mattress he pulls out to sleep next to the tanks because he’s up all throughout the night creating his masterpieces. 1888 Jack the Ripper is my absolute favorite along with College Chronic and Pecan + Honey. I’d suggest planning your trip to Seguin now to relax with a great locally made beer while enjoying the beautiful Texas sunset.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Søernes Ølbar (Øl means beer) is a cool place right by the water where people are strolling and enjoying their day or going for a run. The beers are mostly local and the pub vibes are very wooden and cozy. This made a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of great beer and get to be social with some locals.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

While wandering out of the city center in Ljubljana we discovered a pub under a bridge which at first seemed shady but upon arrival it was seriously cool. With only locals and a few local beers on draft it made a great place to sit by the river and watch people walk their dogs and wave to boats that sailed by. We even got to hear a local band of young guys playing very traditional songs, really a treat.

Some of our other favorites:

  • Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà – Rome, Italy
  • Pivni Pivni Tramway – Prague, Czech Republic
  • The Royal Oak – London, United Kingdom
  • Muted Horn – Berlin, Germany
  • Archea Brewery – Florence, Italy
  • Logsdon Brewery – Hood River, Oregon
  • Jester King Brewery – Austin, Texas
  • Ølbaren – Copenhangen, Denmark
  • De Heeren van Liedekercke – Denderleeuw, Belgium

Look out for Brew Travels Part 2 coming your way! Our next beer adventures will be in Scotland, England and Tokyo

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