Want to know more about the Amanda Singleton Photography Photoshoot Experience?

Here's How It Works

When you book an Amanda Singleton Photography Photoshoot Experience we will get together and talk ideas and inspiration before your session. If you are feeling in a rut then I cannot wait to run wild and plan a cool session for you!

Your session will be tailored to you and your family and will be a LOT of fun!  If there are young children involved don’t worry, I’ve got a whole lot of fun techniques to keep them engaged and keep you stress free.

Two weeks following our shoot we will schedule a reveal day where I put together a slideshow of my top favorite 15-20 images from your session and then I’ll show the entire collection.

Finally, I will show you what your images will look like as wall art, albums and prints because trust me… you are gonna want them on your walls!

I cannot wait to plan a get together to learn about you and make this investment in your memories!


*** In person reveals suspended during COVID. You will receive a stunning gallery to download your images ***


Your portraits are not meant to be enjoyed on social media for a day or a Christmas time checklist for cards to send out. These pictures are meant to show you and your loved ones beautiful and unique story as well as look back on and remember this season of life. I regularly hear people say "oh I'd love to set something up but maybe I need to lose that last 5 lbs first" or "I'm awkward in front of the camera" and "this side of my face doesn't photograph well" BUT when I flip that camera around they see how beautiful and confident they look the whole vibe changes instantly.


Above all else my goal is for you to have a really good time during our moments together. I will be there laughing with you and telling you silly things to get gorgeous laughs and smiles from you all the while looking silly myself. I'll instruct you with motions rather than poses mostly so you will feel natural. My goal is to flow effortlessly into each section of our session and for you to feel like absolute royalty because hey... you are!!


When family pictures feel like the same old cliche thing each year... let's amp it up and have a creative session that's unique to YOU. I am here to help with ideas and make your ideas come to life! I get literally just as excited about your ideas as you are and it makes planning and shooting so much fun! Upon booking an Amanda Singleton Photoshoot Experience we will nail down all the little details and plans so you we know what to expect during our time together!


Why should I hire you?

Value. I will be your advocate, looking out for you and your loved ones, making sure that getting great images at our session while having lots of fun is my top priority. I am not looking at you thinking of how I can make the most off of you but rather how I can wow you with your images and invest in your memories since these beautiful pictures will last generations.

How do I get started?

AWESOME! If your ready to get started send me a message at or fill out the contact form and we can talk about your ideas and inspiration, pick a date, and then get you booked! I cannot wait to hear from you!

Let's Do This!!

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