Hi there, my name is Amanda Singleton and I am SO glad you are here :) I grew up in Austin, Texas and now living in Midland! I absolutely love the sunshine, all animals (even the ones that are so ugly they're cute) and my sweet husband Mason. We love traveling and the perspective it gives meeting people from all over the world and finding we have more in common than different. 

Becoming a photographer as a second career after the corporate life has been the most amazing and drastic change I had always been wanting. For years I had a passion of learning photography, in fact I would even daydream about it! When I got my first professional camera I went absolutely nuts - my husband is NOT a picture person and here I am taking pictures of EVERYTHING!

Photography has been a life changing experience, a whole new language with images not words, it's allowed me to see the beauty in the most simple everyday things. That's why I have vowed for my life's goal to be as creative as possible with photography to express a different story - a story that's unique, creative, the road less traveled. This is what I want for you - to tell your beautiful story, to show your strengths and all your uniqueness. Let's be friends, I want to know YOU and celebrate YOUR story!

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